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The graphics are very well worked but the audio needs to be remastered and normalized.

But aspect that needs more work is the design of the game, you only have 3 life and you cannot win more, when an extra ball falls you lose 1 life and that is more of a penalty than a bonus.


And indeed multiball is not a good thing in this game, that is by design. That is counter-intuitive and needs to be explained better, I agree. However, since this is a learning excersize project, rather than a full game, I will leave it as it is. Thanks for playing it!

At first, I totally thought the projectile will go in 3d, towards the horizon, but yea, that's just the background. :)
Otherwise, I love the environment and the style, I remember these kind of games used to be very popular, and to this day, it's good to break some blocks once in a while.
I also like the sound effects, very retro, works well with the overall theme.
Also, the level design is quite original, at least very different from the usual "there is a wall of bricks" cliche.

Thanks for playing and commenting, your positive feedback is much appreciated!

And I would have loved to animate the background. Someone else in my course did this and it looks amazing!  However that is way beyond the scope of the current chapter.